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The Ragdoll originated with a White Persian, a Birman, and a Burmese. They are intelligent, beautiful, playful and yet gentle, loving creatures. They love to be held and have very quiet voices. The Ragdoll makes an ideal house or apartment cat. They must be kept indoors, as their docile, non-aggressive temperament prevents them from defending themselves. This "Disposition" is what makes them a truly unique cat. Their coats are medium to long and luxurious. The silky, semi-long coat is thickest around the neck.



The fur on the face is short with medium to long fur on the sides and stomach. Feathery pantaloons on the back legs complete the coat. The Ragdoll's size ranges from 12-18 pounds for neutered males, while spayed females weigh in at 10-15 pounds.  Ragdolls do not reach full maturity until three to four years of age.


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